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Healthy Senior: Decoding restless legs syndrome – causes, symptoms and management

Q. I’ve been seeing lots of references about “restless legs syndrome.” I’ve never heard of this condition. Is it rare? Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) affects about one in ten adults in North America and Europe. RLS is found in both men and women but can begin in children. The percentage of people with RLS increases with age. And, seniors experience […]

Sponsored content by Community Foundation: Philanthropy Magnified

Reading can transform the lives of youth who can learn about faraway places. Most kids love stories and books can open their world to imagination and learning. Libraries can help challenge their thinking, gain confidence, and understand their world with books. Libraries promote equity by providing free and equal access to information and resources for everyone, regardless of their background, […]

Healthy Senior: Unveiling the brighter side: exploring teeth whitening options and considerations

Q.  I’m 68 and my teeth are yellow. I’m thinking of getting them whitened. Is it worth it? Whitening processes are effective. Based on clinical studies, 96 percent of patients with common stains experience some lightening effect. But, be forewarned that whitening  has to be repeated periodically if you want to maintain a sparkling smile. Whiteness can start to fade […]

Healthy Living: Expert tips for creating a mental wellness plan

A mental wellness plan helps you prioritize your mental health. Self-care extends far beyond our physical bodies. Dedicating attention to your mental health can improve your physical health, strengthen your cognitive abilities, and contribute to a higher quality of life. Having a plan will make it easier to devote time to your mental well-being — just like you deserve! Honing Your […]

Healthy Senior: Coffee may protect liver – study finds 80% reduced risk of cirrhosis

Q. I’m a social drinker who has several glasses of wine every evening, but I’m told I can avoid any liver damage if I drink plenty of coffee. Sounds ridiculous. What do you think? There was a study of more than 125,000 people who drank coffee. The study showed that one cup of coffee a day cut the risk of […]

Sponsored by the William George Agency: A Supportive, empowering environment

A quarter of a century has passed since Lucas Erno began teaching children about science on The William George Agency (WGA) campus in Freeville, NY. “There’s such a unique opportunity here. Like the fact that we have so much control over the direct environment and that students will run into adults all across the campus wanting to support them and […]

Healthy Senior: Unraveling bad breath – causes, prevention, and myths

Q. I was wondering if older people get bad breath more than younger folks. I could find no direct correlation between aging and halitosis, which is the fancy term for bad breath. However, I’m going to take a couple of educated stabs at the issue raised in this question. Many older people have dentures. If they don’t fit correctly or […]

Healthy Senior: Headaches – when to seek treatment

Q. I seem to be getting a lot of headaches lately. I’m pretty sure it’s been caused by stress, but I was wondering if I should have it checked by a doctor. You should definitely see your doctor. Most headaches are harmless, but they can be a symptom of a serious condition. The American Council for Headache Education urges people […]

Healthy Senior: Decoding household product labels: know what’s under your sink

Q. What do the warnings on the bottles under my kitchen sink mean? I find them confusing. Many of the household products we use contain poisons. These include pesticides, oven cleaners, detergents, polish, paint and drain uncloggers. Manufacturers use a low-medium-high system on labels to alert you to hazards. The following are brief descriptions: DANGER means if the danger is […]

Healthy Living: Explore the Multifaceted Advantages of Cross-Training

We often think of cross-training as something that only professional athletes do. But the truth is, cross-training can be a great way to improve your fitness, regardless of your experience level or goals. What Is Cross-Training? Before we dive into the benefits of cross-training, let’s first define what it is. Cross-training refers to the practice of incorporating a variety of different exercises […]

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